Jess King


Elizabeth Macson,wearing wet jeans: 'put your hand in my pocket,then you'll see how wet i am' Anonymous : 'whats the difference between my finger and dick?' the size i hope! You can lie to me right through your smile I've seen behind your eyes 'Any holes a goal' Harry checking out 15year olds... Stupid quotes jack comes out with... Random aussie: 'im a beautician' we thought she said musician so asked.. 'what do you play?' aussie:'i wax falange!' jack:'thats not an instrument..' looking at some nice red heels.. me: 'there soooooo nice' jack: 'they'd look better on a ten year old' me: '...' jack: 'nononono' jen: did you know amazon is based in wales?its massive! katie: omg i didnt know the amazon river is in wales! jen: ...its not! katie to jen: do you pay in euros in wales?

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