Jessica Frederich


Bob-"there's Jessica our lady of the evening" me(trying not to laugh)"bob,uh,thats just a nice way of calling me a hooker" bob-"oh no I didnt mean it that way" me-"its cool,Ive been called worse" Travis -"what does your nametag say underneath your name?" Me- "Photo Specialist" Travis"They need to switch it around so it says Special Jessica" Michelle "aw,hes just kissing up to you" Me-"oh,good becuase I thought he was implying I was a tard" Jacob(at the chinese buffet) "I hate to waste this food but I really wanna have ice cream Marie-"Its ok,they have kids in the back who eat all that stuff anyway Me-"The one thing I hate most about this all is that everyone treats me like I have no reason left to live,like Im gonna jump off a bridge or something" Travis-"Yeah!, Besides,there arent any bridges around here anyhow"

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