Jessica Camille


"chicoo" "i aint got the time" "miss me" "posted up; swaggd up; chillin w. my rich kidd" - jellyFiSH "you aint never been real" - J.FLurb! "iG0T good credit && no kifdds" - lmfa0 "he gottta knife" "not cool brahh not cool" - som nigga JeSS-R0CKz; is something like best; iCURRENTLY; dont fuck w/ the rest; yes; TRENDS iSET* bitch; lets bet; $$$ iMAKE; && n iggas iTAKE; biSh you old news like 08' && thats word to those future friendships; tha will end' L0L (=* "iMA BAD BAD biTcH" - lmfa0 "uhh...can we take a bathroom break?" - L0L; uhhh...Kendo! call me trendsetter; cause all iSEE is -----> ME; when iL00K @ you; - Me "he loves her; she loves him; but those legs not hers; but he was up thru dHem; - OH! Lmfa0 "it's mind over matter; I don't mind and you don't matter" - Nessa; l0l "you GROWN remember; so find a way home...&& iit beTTa n0t be dHat b0y" - Mom Dukes l0l "but...iTHOUGHT iWAS grown" - reply 2 dukes lmfa0 "ZoNe 3; dHA L0nGwAy" - Aquontise...l0l "iits SOD bkZ bitches l0ve iNtiaLS" -Soulja Boy l0l "OH! she a LABEL hoe?" - Madea; lmfa0 "iAINT kaLLin dHeM h0es; but dHey g0t HOE MENTALITY..l0l" - ME "geminis crazy; who dha fck you wanna b 2day? jessrocks? jessica? gangsta jess?" - Twilite "juney b0ne-it up" - ME [lmfa0] "iit be like dHat sometymes" - Amber B. "she a good look; but dont let her talk to nobody" - l0l; wtf? - Stephan "LaUgh iT uP h0MeGurL" - My MiNi Me "yUH KanT rEpLaCe dHA *BEST* eVen iF dHa bEsT wAs g0n 4 a mIn" - ME "yUH kAnt bReAK dHA cHicK wh0 tHinKs n0tHinG 0f yUH; dumb h0es" - iDk? "yUh biTchEs 0piNi0nS iS liKe aUH d0dgE cHargE; eVeryB0dY g0t 0nE" - TIP l0l "Enjoy ya lAst mEaL; && sUrpErsiZe iT biTch" - Pineapple Express [l0l] "s0; WE BEST MUTHA FCKIN FRIENDS NOW" - My Mini ME "Thug LifE" - PineappLe ExpReSS "babies want to be born" -Juno "peace up iNdeX fiNga d0wN" - My Mini Me "GUCCI BANDANA; AYYYY" - TWINS " YOU GOT dHaT ANCIENT ASS CLOCK" -My Mini Me "TeTe dHat aiNt hiS CouSin" - KeKe "y0u'0n kn0 naNN" - Jas Furb "iLL takE a buLLeT a buLLeT 4 yUh" - Mini Me "yEEn kN0" - Qu0n" "BET" - Me [iNsiDer] "JeSS; N000!" - Jas LMFa0 "LeT g0 & LeT G0D dEaL w/ iT" [TI] && Rykee "ewwww baaaa ewwww" - Bama "HiLArY ClinTon iS 0n mcCAIN siDe" - My Mini Me "CaN yuh sEE dHa wHitE LiNe?" - NeSSA "BisH yUh 0n dHA LinE" - reply 2 NeSSa..l0l "dHat sHyt riDn brah" - Spreezy "OH; iUNDERSTAND" -Jas Furb "iL0VE yUh 2" - hahaha =] " m0m dUkes triPPiN" - ME l0l "JeSSiCa mAkEs mE =]" - Qu0n l0l "iTz k00L; iMa cHiLL" - kRaZy mArtA cHic " biSh bL0w mE" - Gee " hE jUsT mY bSt iT bBy" - Jess [ME] " STOP WEARIN FAKE SHYT" - JordAn l0l "bL0w mE && sAve mE dHa eXcuSeS" mE " it's hard to wait around for something that may never happen, but its even harder to give it up wHen iTs eVerytHing y0u eVer wAntEd" - Myspace =] ________________________________________

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