Jerry Neff


The Rain As I watched out the window,The rain fell from a grey sky. The depression I felt faded away, but only for a moment. My mind began to wonder back to her. She broke my heart yesterday and I didn't understand why. As the rain tapped on the window I thought of what, if any, was the reason she left me. After a couple of minutes of pondering the question, I gave up. I walked outside to feel the rain against my skin. It felt good to know that I can feel something other than pain. As I stood there in the rain, my best friend pulled into the drive, but it isn't he who got out. It was her. I always thought she was beautiful, but today she especially was. She walked to me and said in a caring voice, "What are you doing out here? You could get sick," she said. "I was just admiring the works o...f mother nature. You know I've always loved the rain," I said. I felt so happy that she had comeback to me. Our eyes met and I noticed a touch of regret in her beautiful blue eyes. Then she told me that she has came to get her things. My heart broke into even smaller pieces. When she realized I wouldn't reply, she motioned to the truck. My best friend got out. And headed towards my house. One by one, I watched as they loaded boxes of her stuff into the truck. After they get the last box, they left without a word. As I watched them pull out I saw them kiss. In this moment everything clicked. He was the reason she lefted me, He was the reason for my broken heart. It seemed that they didn't notice when I dropped down to my knees and started crying in the rain. I began to think that if I can't trust my best friend, I can't trust anyone. I went into my house and was never seen alive again. The next day she comes to my house and says she sorry and she wants me back and loves me. She found me hanging from a rope.....

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