Jeronimas Ravinskas


Freed Maaler was launched in 2010 with the aim of spreading joy and happiness through a colorful and unique collection of socks. The brand was named Freed Maaler after the Dutch painter who spent his life immortalizing ordinary and routine objects such as clothes, shoes, dishes, and anything else that we don’t usually give much of a notice into beautiful art. With his bright colors and beautiful hues, he gave these everyday inanimate objects a soul. We take that same principle and apply it to our exquisite collection of socks. Our eye-catching and delightful socks are designed by our creative and expert designers who give a unique touch to the socks to make you feel special. We believe that a person can be made more comfortable just by changing the quality of the socks one wears. When your feet are happy, there is nothing that can stop you from being happy. Our collecting comprises of the best quality socks, specially designed and hand-picked to match your expectations. Our success in spreading joy to the world through our socks has encouraged us to expand to other clothing items too. We strive to make your day more special with our line of unique and expertly designed clothes. Just a primary glance through our collection of socks will make you realize how special they are. Shop now to fell the bliss and delight that a pair of Freed Maaler socks spreads.

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