Jessica Butler


TIMBER!!! MEDIC!!!- Coombs drunken announcments at various parties! If lifes giving you lemons, make it your lemonade! If not, go fuck yourself!!- advice to me on life and religion off Luke F for Fred, X for Expert- Davie explaining to Ace Pizza the last two letters of my postcode. When walking down to Brockwell, group of lads come walking up the path. Oh fuck man!-Rachel hides her face and begins to linger back behind us Who are they? Who is it?-Us I dooooon't know man!!- Rach total distressed, worried at the thought she may have had an 'encounter' with one of them before, but she can't remember!! No, honestly if that song had came on we would of went fucking mentaaaallll!... then no one would of wanted to shag us coz' we were going mentaaall!- Leah talking passionatly about a song Me-Ohhhh abby, look at this little lad looking hard as fuck , but he's got a panda on his hoody! Abby-But the panda is holding a spliff and a gun Me- Oh, that's fair enough then the panda is hard as fuck too.

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