Jason Tsui


"It's the small things that count. It's the time you bought your wife flowers for no reason. It's the hour more you could have studied. It's the hour more spent at work. It's the phone call to a old friend. It's the prospect you didn't call back. It's the time you tried something new instead of just the usual. It's the kiss goodnight every night before bed. It's the time you lent a hand when you didn't want to. It's the time you didn't say how you really felt. It's the smile you gave a stranger. It's the time you stood up after getting knocked down. It's the small things that count." "Always strive to improve in anything you do, otherwise, its a waste of your time." "Work hard....sleep harder" "To think the trivial things we do from day to day will be our personal experiences 10 years from now.." "Life is pain...if anyone tells you otherwise, its because they're selling something." "A vision without a plan is just a hallucination" - E-40 "In order to come, you must go" "Some dreams stay dreams, some dreams come true" - NAS "Working hard to me means doing things I don't want to do" "A man without a vice is a dangerous man."

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