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Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze It means no worries for the rest of your days It's mine problem-free philosophy im practice Hakuna Matata que pasa,carajo... putamadre carajo By Pink Panther where do you live GeanPiero? here, in this planet by Geanpiero.....hahahahah lol WHY COUPLES SHOULD WASTE TIME IN THE ROMANCE, KISSIN N SEX, AND THEN SAID: "IM INLOVE" IF EVERYBODY LIKES THOSE THINGS WHY NOT THEY USE THAT TIME FOR TO KNOW EACH OTHER REALLY GOOD!!!! BY MY DEAR CLIVE because the life is a buffet you have to try everything, anything, if not today , maybe tomorrow by Trusti fjord..... ...hahah lol que mi dolor interno sea su dolor externo, jajajaj lol .... y hay que alimentar a la bestia !!!! by Evelyn Botton Romatic music: this music is not too romatic cuz it doesnt express what i feel By Georgio im with flu, it aint cuz i take a shower later night n sleep with wet head, not missy, either is cuz the window is opening all night while i sleep. its BECAUSE IM CHATTIN ON MSN ALL NIGHT... hahaha lol By Gustavo there's only one difference between a mad-man and me. the mad-man thinks he is sane. i know i am mad By Karl picate picate By Leonardo El Grande porque porque porque? BY Brendan ahahah lol Jarmy: sabes que significa ·amante·? Sebastian: si la mujer que tu amas! Jarmy: y la esposa?!!! Sebastian: alguien tiene que limpiar la casa, cocinar, etc Jarmy: jajaja eres una basura Sebastian: que????!!!! (con voz de molesto!) Jarmy: que eres una basura de mierda!!! Sebastian: ah, si !! By Sebastian

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