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Ben Veno: Es muy bueno Señora Castro: Is that your sexy voice? [4/4/12 LOL] Sam Jones: I'm not alone though...I have my cats Me: Oh Sam Jones... smh It's too bad that I dont even have cats:/ Sam Jones: ha! sucks to be you. I have three Me: ...says the guy who's destined to be a cat..man. -__-" haha this is why you dont have a girlfriend And that's going on my fb quotes Sam Jones: who needs girlfriends when you can have cats Sammy: OH! I got a text! Suma: Ooh so popular! Sammy: lol it's from my mom... [#whatacoolkid DE 1/24/12] Shannon: So these are the 4 f's for the bases: french, feel, fingering.. Me: ...what's the 4th one? *pondering* ... *more pondering* Oh..OH. OH! EW. [Classic naive me... 11/26/11] "Richard, let's totally have a baby!" [Team bonding dinner..hahahhaha:D 11/23/11 ] Life is full of things we want but can't have. -Josepherr [11/3/11] Me: Why did you get braces? Mr. Hu: Because I look cool! [9/13/11 I <3 Asian dads <3] [12:40:05 AM] Janny Zou: I just UDed your name. So basically, you're a very attractive and nice asian jail.. interesting [12:42:28 AM] Bin Han: thanks babe;) its cuz when people meet me, they can never leave me (<3) -------------------------------------------- [12:43:59 AM] Bin Han: brb another vodkaaa shot ;) take one with me! :D LETS PARRRRTTAAAYYY <3 [12:44:46 AM] Janny Zou: Nah I prefer whiskey [12:44:57 AM] Bin Han: Janny likes THE HARD STUFF?!!! Daaaaang! [7/31/11 Skype chat wiff Binny ^_^] Me: I'm a ninja so.. William Segelhorst: im a spinja so.. Zack: Im a ginga so.... Me:...I just urbandictionary-ed that word."A small Asian girl that can be spun during sex." ^AWKWARD. Zack: Will u sick twisted person. Will: ...................... [July 9 2011 Late night wall posting...lol trollz..] Kevin Sun: wu too Me: *wo Lol Kevin Sun: Fuck! Amy Hu: disgrace to our race Kevin Sun: wo cao!! [Kevin embarrassing all us Asians.. http://www.facebook.com/janny1122/posts/2132749522356?ref=notif¬if_t=feed_comment ] "Wait. You breastfeed your dogs?!" [6/21/11 Typical me mis-hearing things...] Jack Quinn: Is she high?! [Algebra B period] <3 Jack Quinn: I dont like her SAS. Me: ...What? You mean "SASS"? [6/1/11 This isn't geometry Jack...thats embarrassing...-_-"] Me: He called him a dick. Winni: You should've been like, WINNI'S A VAGINA! Me: ...What? [5/29/11 Dissing yourself FTW?] Me: Jack Quinn blah blah blah. She -oops, wrong pronoun. Winni: I KNEW SHE (Jack Quinn) WAS A GIRL! WAIT. That came out wrong. [5/28/11 Talking about Jack Quinn behind his back...] Ryan: You're slow and Asian. I'm only half, so I'm twice as fast. Me: What? That made NO sense. You're SO dumb. WAIT. (5 minutes of pondering pass) OH! I get it now. Ryan: Y'see? You ARE slow... And you call ME dumb.. [Asian bonding 5/17/11] Me: Maybe he needs to be a man and grow some balls! Winni Xie: Maybe YOU need to be a woman and grow some boobs! [5/15/11 <3] Me: I'm gonna die alone with 7 cats. I already have 6! William Segelhorst: No, you had 7, but one couldn't stand you, so it ran away... [5/9/11 Lol...?] Sammy: I'm on steroids because of a severe case of poison ivy. (later) I'm gonna be HUGE by tomorrow. You'll see. Me: ...O_o Sammy: I think you interpreted that the wrong way. Me: I think you meant it that way... [5/3/11 Texting] Sammy: He's sexist! Me: Don't you mean sexual? Sammy: No. He's like...WOMEN. [4/28/11 Geometry] Jess: Relationship with benefits... Janny: ...Does that mean...? [4/11/11 LOL] Sammy: JANNY!!! Jack: Sammy. That is no way to talk to a woman. [Geometry F 3/31/11] Ali: Janny's my science fair buddy. Jack: NO. I'm doing it with her. Ali+Me: O_o Jack: And I do mean it sexually. [3/30/11 Science E] (Later on--> Jack: Janny. I've figured out what our science project topic will be on...Sexual appeals! And which part of the body turns people on the most. Or yawns...) "I don't have a soul, but I'm German. Therefore it's okay." "So..does he have a 6-pack?" -William Segelhorst /Figglehorn;] (3/28/11 KIT <3) "What's your real first name? ... DANG IT. I wished your name was Jannifer!" -Bin Han (3/27/11 FB msg) Amy: Omigod...first time anyone's ever told Sam Jones to shut up! (3/25/11 Algebra B Period <3) It's like an orgasm in your finger -Janny (Photo 3/24/11) :D Me: And this is why you dont have a girlfriend, Jack. :) ?: It's Sammy's birthday today! Mrs. Travers: Happy birthday Janny. Me: ...I'm not Sammy. LOL. Ali: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Sam Zajac: Janny. I'm pregnant. Me: ... Sam: You see? That was the pause. Pregnant pause! "Sam Jones, are you licking the chair?" - Me (DC 2011) :D Craig: Everything's just awkward with you, isn't it? (I'm the definition of awkward) Jack Quinn: Y'know...Asians have an unfair advantage over us... I think that at birth, they should all have part of their brain taken out so we can all be equal! (^COMMUNISM!) Amanda: I wish I wasnt so skinny...I wish I was..like your size. I didnt mean that you're fat...I'm just saying you're BIG! Mrs. O'Shea: You know Charlotte? Well, she joined a swim team, and she'd always be the last one to finish because she was weak from her treatments. But every time, Charlotte would say: Hey! I think broke the world record! <3 RIP Charlotte O'Shea. You're an amazing little girl <3 Gavin: its obvious you two are star crossed lovers. LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET! ...without the suicide stuff Amy Hu: I like balls. (later..) Wait, aren't I the father? Shouldnt you be smd? Me: O_o Ben Roop: Dont you mean -_- ? Jillian: That is one ginormous orange Janny! Me: Um...This is a grapefruit Jill. (a week later) Jillian: That's a HUGE clementine! Me: LOLOLOLOLOLOL (It was an orange) Alexia&Me: So here's a tree. And a hole. Now plant the tree:) Winni: If black people had birthmarks...would they be white? Alexia: Poor naive little boy. He probably only liked her for her boobs... Me: L-E-T-S Amanda: Lettuce? Me: ... Amanda + Ali + Me (In that order) = Twinkie! Sam + Amy + Ali + Me = Oreo? (Yellow is the new black...^_^) Sam Beebe + Nick George: So what are you getting for your birthday? Me: I asked for a um...calculator! Ryan: OH! You mean SAMMY? :D Alexia: I had sex pi times. ____ = banana = penis = funny person Sammy: You only got an A+, which is embarrassing.. Me: Um, that’s your grade too. Sammy: Yeah, but you’re full Asian Me: Are you racist? Sammy: Yes. one sec. im on the verge of a scientific discovery Me: Sammy = Asian. I understand that now... Winni: He's Whasist. Sammy: Who are you? Ynnaj? hehe im pretty Pica...Pica...PICACHUU!!! It's like he's sneezing...:D Alexia: I'll be the bread...And I‘ll push you guys together like a PBJ sandwich;) Me: Amy, what does constipating mean? Amy: …Um…it means that…you um…can’t poop. Mrs. Lombard: Pregnant pause! Luke: She's soooo Asian... (Yes, he was referring to me.) Maddie R: You're Asian! You have NO HAIR!! Me: WINNI! GUESS WHAT!? Winni: *GASP* You found somebody to love!? Me: ...uhh no. But I did just see 2 flies humping each other... Winni: MOO! I'mma milk ^_^ Michelle: You left her for a man. She deserves better. Me: So you're saying a 'gay' man just proposed to me. Me: The little dog is humping your leg Winni... Me: What's up? Ryan: I see Danny naked. Well, almost. He's in a towel... Jake: I like 'em big lalala *singing Madagascar* Me: I like 'em small;) Kristen: I like 'em EXTRA EXTRA LARGE. Me: What?! Kristen: I was talking about cake.. (No she wasnt...;]) Sabine: Woah it's vibrating REALLY HARD. Me: Wait, what? Nicole: HAHAHHAHAHA Sabine: Where is it?! Oh, it's in my pants. Me+Nicole: HAHHAHAHAHA:D (For all you sick-minded people, we were talking about her cellphone;]) Josh Bont : Why are your fingernails SO long?! Allen: *In Chinese* To pick my nose boogies with, obviously. Me: Make up a rap to describe myself..Hmm words that rhyme with Zou.. Brian Byrne: HOE. Alexia: I lost my money$$!!! Jenn: Is it in your pants? Alexia: *looks in pants* OMG what the hell?! Me: Gavin called me fat:P Luke: Gavin! She's not fat! ...She's CHUBBY! (*my face drops*) Me: Gee...thanks Luke:/ Maddie: Are you Asian? Me: ...no, I'm black Maddie: really!? :D Me: I dont really like meatballs... Diane: HOW. CAN. YOU. NOT. LIKE. BALLS! OF. MEAT?! Me: hahahhahahhaha:D Diane:...i dont get it. Oh Diane...XD Don't be its not your fault and just believe in this saying..."If all of our problems were solved, Our lives would be boring..." -Christian Smith

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