Jane Bannington


- Mom, who are these people? - This two arrogant bastard who saved your life © Mother of one of the patients of Dr. House and Foreman "This gentleman will never make a remark woman witch badly carrier sleeper ..." © "In mid-1970 he tried to put together a new band with Ray Manzarek, but it ended up that he got a cure for drug addiction in the psychiatric hospital - he considered himself a glass of orange juice and walked very slowly, afraid to spill." © - Well, imagine: you are a butcher of Bay Harbor. How would you get rid of the bodies that they have not found? - Millions of options. Swamps, alligator, pig farm, sulfuric acid, threshers, incinerators... damn, though shaurma. © Do not listen to anyone who would say that you can't something. Even me. Understand? If you have a dream, protect it. People who have something they can not, be assured that you will not work. Set a goal - Bring. Period. © from the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" If they dig a hole to you, do not interfere. Finish-you'll make the pool))) - I mean, what's wrong? God hates me ... - And you try to hate him back. It helps. © "Lethal Weapon" Who's there? - Police. - And what is going to prove? - I shoot you through the door, and you can check the bullet. © "Lethal Weapon"

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