Jamie Costello


"bring me hot" - james O "nothing like a bit of meat to keep you going" - terry "you cant have wireless and wired LAN at the same time" - tim "LET ME IN A NEED A POO! *runs up stairs with trousers down*" - ??? "I had sex when i was 9, but iv had a bit of a dry spell since then...." - daf "Do you have a light? No..but i drive..." - James O "If you said you were an angel i'd say you were been modest"- James O "i got paper girl. I got paper girls number, shes only 14" James O "Stop banging rockets at my dog!"-Dan "Ye man they really love each other, they are proper committed, they have a 52inch tv and everything!"-BenP "he RUINED my LIFE! he really did!" - James O "what, like, 9pm at night?" - ben

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