Q. How did Runway get started? Runway was first a called Runway Model Magazine in the late 80’s. I started it mostly in part of getting women to do photo shoots for me. It was an excuse to get women half naked in front of the camera. I never knew I would have girls and guys lined up around the pool, simply to get some shots from a non-experienced photographer- that I was. After the first “Cattle Cal” Runway Models took off. We did calendars, baseball cards, posters and anything we could print beautiful women on at the time. Then I started getting request for editorial. It was perfect because thats exactly what Runway needed. I needed something else for our viewers [noticed I said viewers, since there was literally nothing to read ] only images of beautiful women and men. I needed something for my small audience to take me more serious. In 1994 I added editorial to the magazine. The editorial was mostly fashion and lifestyle. It went over so well with my piers, that they were begging for more. In late 1994, I changed the name to Runway Magazine. I knew then, I really had something. We concentrated mostly on the Catwalk/Runway Fashion industry. Including behind the scenes. With all the images of collections and celebrity editorial, Runway Magazine started to become a light at the end of a tunnel. Nobody on my team quite knew what we had at the moment. However, it was quite clear we had a niche in the market. Then in the mid 90‘s, the Social media craze started and nobody really knew what to do with it. I think the dating sites were the first to be called “social media” since you were able to create a profile online. Then forums such as vBulletin and phpBB were developed, many of which are still used for forums today. Then Six degrees was launched in 1997 and was the first modern social network. It allowed users to create a profile and then become friends with other users. Then LiveJournal, World of Warcraft, Friendster and ultimately Facebook in 2006. From there it has been a race to find the next big thing. Having said that, you should know that when you did a search for “Runway” in an online search in the early 2000’s, and you clicked images; all you saw was pictures of airports and actual runway’s from airports. I am positive we had much to do with converting the word into what it is today. Now, when you search Runway Magazine, you see all of our fashion images and other companies who started trending behind me. Yet in 2006, A movie came out called The Devil Wears Prada. A naive young woman comes to New York and scores a job as the assistant to one of the city's biggest magazine editors, the ruthless and cynical Miranda Priestly. Directed by: Dan Frankel, Distributed by: 20th Century Fox Starring: Meryl Streep Anne Hathaway Emily Blunt Stanley Tucci Simon Baker Adrian Greener. The movie was based around our name “RUNWAY MAGAZINE” This obviously helped us become a household name. But it wasn’t until years later that it really caught on with the rest of the world. IS IT TRUE THAT THE SEQUEL WRITTEN BY LAUREN WIESBERG HAS ANOTHER TITLE NAME OF YOUR THAT THEY USED? Yes, Its a magazine we started years ago, called “The Plunge”. The sequel is about “Ann Hathaway” the intern to Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada becomes a rival editor to Streep, editor in chief of Runway Magazine 10 years later. HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL THAT BOTH OF YOUR TITLES IN ONE OF THE MOST FASHION ICONIC MOVIES OF ALL TIME? A. IT’S AN HONOR. Tell me a little about you. I was born in 1970 in South Laguna Beach, California. I lived mostly in Beverly Hills, California and now Calabasas California. Im American Business Magnate, socialite, author, Producer, Publisher, Designer and inventor and Chairman and CEO of Runway Magazine Inc. and all entities. I have been involved with some of Southern California's Hottest Nightclubs in my younger years. Being the Fashion Entrepreneur that I am, it Landed me into the world of Runway in the late 80‘s. Since then I have capitalized on the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment world. I was always an entrepreneur. From the age of 5, I had a lemon-aid stand and lawn-mowing business in which I hired my young friends to do for me. I am the fifth of five children. I have four children Ethan, Jayden, Joshua and Hailey. I am married to a wonderful person Megan. Then there is my in-laws, Dr. Phil and Sharon Sacks who I have become close to in the past several years. Last but defiantly not least my mother who has passed along with my father in 2008 was my best friend in the whole world. Can you tell the world a little about some of the other Entities of Runway Magazine you have created? Sure, wow! Where do I start? lol OK, I will give you the short versions with the links - s people can get the details on their own. Lets start with Runway Records. One of my favorites. Runway Records was created in May 2000 by a small, but dedicated, group of music lovers. And the fact is, there's a multitude of exciting, fresh and fascinating musicians out there waiting to be heard and discovered. However, because they are unsigned, the vast majority of them are going unseen and unheard. But, we wondered, how can we help these very talented people get the recognition and adulation they deserve? We wanted to provide a platform for emerging artists and give them the tools and opportunities to help them on their musical journey. It doesn't matter if they're a serious career-musician looking for a record deal, or if they're taking their first steps into music. We're here to bridge the gap between the wider world and the band in the garage, MC in the bedroom or the singer-songwriter in the shed with a guitar. It's all good. Runway Records wants to help all artists from all genres. Runway Records is currently being redeveloped to give artists more promotional tools and features to help build and grow their music community among artists and fans. You can go to FB/RunwayRecordLabel for more info. FASHION TV i.e; Runway Magazine TV, Runway Fashion TV, Fashion TV On Demand, Fashion TV Direct, Runway3DTV and others were created in the late 80’s and now are a big part of our brand in branding as well as a vital tool for designers. R MTV is a global media vehicle to deliver the latest fashion trends, models, events, news and gossip. R MTV is first in information - when it happens, where it happens. We are the first to show the latest trends from around the world. Our unique mix of production, distribution, innovative technology and broadcasting give its viewers a VIP seat in the best available quality Possible. We now have a library of over 15,000 fashion show related videos; including behind the scenes, exclusives and our very own fashion films. I always say we are more than just a television station, R MTV is a lifestyle. I think “Fashion” is a broad and ever growing genre, it extends far beyond just clothes. R MTV is positioned as a ‘lifestyle’ channel and aims to bring the audience the latest in style from a variety of consumer products. While global content will remain an important part of the overall content direction for R MTV, Developing localized content that provides viewers with more reasons to visit the station. As part of our mandate, We aim to continuously feature up to date and cutting edge footage and deliver the latest fashion trends, models, parades, events, news and music. This year R MTV has production plans to create key destination programming, which will be heavily promoted prior to the events creating focused opportunity for brands to take up advertising placements around key fashion events throughout the year. Listed on 140 Television stations and a plethora of markets - R MTV is on a path to being a “network unprecedented to any other channel. We have teamed up with dimity and iNet and have developed the future of Fashion TV as you know it today. With technology changes, media options have expanded and viewership has become more fragmented making targeted audiences much more difficult to reach using traditional media channels. The answer is simple Interactive Brand Integration Advertising and Creative Content for Web, DVD, Mobile and Internet TV Our Interactive Video advertising application is ready for instant use on interactive DVD, Internet television, mobile video and the web. R MTV removes the boundaries between entertainment, advertising and sales to create a unified viewer-friendly environment. We Create Advertising content that is "DVR-Proof" Viewer-guided advertising content Entertainment that escorts the viewer from content to purchase Content embedded with seamless branding integration Interaction with your audience without commercials, pop-ups, or banner ads. Monetization of viral marketing videos Socially good marketing projects Interactive Video Advertising that creates a viewer-friendly shopping experience while still enjoying entertainment Sales generated and realized in entertainment video R MTV’s Revolutionary Entertainment Marketing Application. How the Integrated Branding application works: Watching a show on a computer or interactive TV, viewers can simply scroll over products highlighted throughout the video or that display in a carousel along the side. Viewers roll their mouse over and click on products they see within the video to get more information. The boutique catalog page opens with full item description, photo and pricing, including a video that continually loops displaying the product "in action". The viewer selects a "Buy Now" button that links to the sponsor’s shopping cart for purchase. This Integrated Branding not only provides company’s product placement in entertainment, but also engages viewers in an interactive relationship with the products, and reduces the buying cycle time to "zero" by allowing consumers to purchase the item when they first see it. Then there is another company that we teamed up with called Brandcoder, owned by Moses Johnson out of New York. We have now created and are Broadcasting our Own Internet TV Channels for Websites, Set-Top-Box and Connected TV’s. So we “Fashion TV/ R MTV” promote the RealTV platform products to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on each sale that occurs. We are able to receive an ROI by linking to FAshion TV. Our affiliate program rewards you for promoting the RealTV Packages. We provide you with a personalized link and pay you a commission for every sale you refer to us. Your link is “your cash machine”: Our software detects each click generated by your affiliate link and store’s a cookie in the visitor's computer. If the visitor makes a purchase within 30 days of the first click, you'll get 20% of the sales revenue. 20% commission on time, every time: We pay you using PayPal 30 days after you reach your first payment. Your affiliate account contains all your statistics and commissions as they happen. Simply post a link in emails, on social networks, or on other websites, and let us do all the hard work. Once approved, you can visit your affiliate area to activate your account, view your statistics, and start tracking your sales. So much more comes with it. You can simply go to FB/RunwayMagazineTV for more information. Q. Amazing, You guys are really ahead of the game and seem to be the future of fashion television. Yes, this is a game changer for the industry. Not just the fashion industry but as you could imagine; this is a wonderful technology for every industry. What is GotRunway? GotRunway? is a CliqueBoard that SaaS leveraging Social Networks and UGC to drive traffic and conversions for E-Retailers. It is Interactive shopping, turnkey social integration. This is our other name for “The Runway Social Network” hosted at and engineered by dimicho. We are now building which is a net a porter style luxury e-com site. sells must-have luxury fashion from over 300 of the world's most coveted designers including Chloe, Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, Christian Louboutin and many more. We also guarantee that every item we sell is 100% authentic. TELL ME ABOUT RUNWAY MODELS. Runway model Inc is an online community for models, photographers, and creative talents. Our mission is to serve the modeling, photography, and associated industries by offering the opportunity to create and maintain a powerful online presence regardless of a user's technical skills, geographic location or experience. Runway Model Inc provides models, photographers, casting agents, and clients access to the most diverse talent pool that the world has ever seen. We empower professionals with tools that enable them to quickly locate, evaluate, negotiate with and hire talent anywhere and everywhere. Additionally we enable a very robust level of communication, education and promotion for our audience. Runway Model Inc will continually provide our customers with more tools, features, and programs to develop their careers, than any other source. TELL ME ABOUT RUNWAY FASHION UNIVERSITY This is one of my favorite’s. We are in line to establish a leading b2b fashion industry network, connects apparel and accessories brands, retailers, manufacturers, showrooms, suppliers and service providers with each other and with fashion business information. There is more, isn't there? lol Well if you must ask. lol. So we have created Runway Uomo by popular demand. RUNWAY UOMO is Runway Magazine but for men only. RU is a magazine about how men could (and do) dress. The magazine aims to showcase emerging and established design talent alike. It features style commentary, 7 day style diaries, interviews with designers, journalists, models and shop owners mixed with a fashion tech section unprecedented. We also are a big advocate of the “emerging designer” We are constantly thinking of ways to embrace them by trying to give them a big name magazine platform. Once a year we produce an issue of Runway Magazine filled with emerging profiles and spreads. We do not charge the designer for this. Then I started ProJect Runway Magazine. Working with FIDM, FIT and many other Fashion design schools from around the world. PRM is continuing to help the emerging designers. photographers and models with a platform unprecedented. All part of the Runway Magazine Project. It is my way of giving back to the heart of our industry. We have developed the Runway Doll and Catwalk Dolls in hopes of replacing the Barbie Doll someday. Comes with a “runway/catwalk” , designer clothes and accessories. There is Runway Water, Runway Energy Drinks, Runway Vitamins, Runway Collections, i.e.; swimsuits, clothing, hats, jackets, shoes, sunglasses and accessories. We also own the name “Runway Report” RR is a news extension of Runway Magazine, The Runway Yearbook-which is a “coffee table book with a hardback cover produced yearly with the best of the best fashion shows, behind the scenes, photo-shoots, cover shoots, etc; of the preceding year. Then we have Runway Cosmetics, Runway Shampoo, conditioner, lotions etc. Oh my, What don't you have? You have made a international brand with the name “Runway” Let me ask another question. What is Runway Magazine and what is the future of Runway Magazine? I wish I could say this is an easy answer but i’ll try my best to keep it short. Runway Magazine, Inc. is engaged principally in the publication and distribution of Runway Magazine in paper and online editions, and is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. Since 1995, Runway Magazine has been America’s cultural barometer, putting fashion in the context of the larger world we live in - how we dress, live, socialize; what we eat, listen to, watch; and who leads and inspires us. From its beginning, three central principles have set Runway Magazine apart: a commitment to visual genius, investment in storytelling that puts women at the center of the culture of fashion, and a selective, optimistic editorial eye. Runway Magazine's story is the story of women, of culture, of what is worth knowing and seeing, of individuality and grace, and of the steady power of earned influence. For millions of women each month, Runway Magazine is the window to that world, inspiring and challenging them to see things differently, in both themselves and their surroundings. From entertainment to world affairs, business to style, design to society, Runway Magazine is a cultural catalyst—a magazine that provokes and drives the popular dialogue. With its unique mix of stunning photography, in-depth reporting, and social commentary, Runway Magazine accelerates ideas and images to center stage. The Runway Magazine brand attracts a readership consisting primarily of affluent, style conscious men and women of the ages from 18 to 35 years old. The Company derives revenue primarily from advertising, special events and promotions, subscriptions and e-commerce. Runway Magazine is establishing itself as a leader for fashion magazines online and is beginning to disrupt the entire fashion industry. The publishing industry has failed to adapt to changes in lifestyle and technology, and Runway Magazine is seizing the opportunity to fill the gap. This type of impact used to take decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to accomplish, but this is no longer the case with the power and access of the Internet. You explore the experimental approach that online pioneers such as yourself are using to create unique content and experiences that truly bring fashion magazines into the digital age. Correct? You also show what you call a iRunwayMagazine Advertisement. It’s a clothing ad that you can interact with, that includes video, and you can click on various parts of the ad to, say, play the song on the turntable shown in the ad or click the eyeliner and purchase it by clicking or touching the product while taking you to the shopping cart of that brand right there. Correct? You got it! Bottom line is that HTML5 ads can let viewers do a lot more with the ad than just look at it. The key is Rich content, Premium products basically creating a media ecosystem. Forget everything we know and love about physical magazines. Forget their length. Forget their size. Forget their weekly or monthly publishing schedule. Forget all these qualities. Take Newsweek for example, The time is here that most magazines have no choice but to be purely electronic. This shouldn't surprise anyone. According to “CNN” Already, nearly 40% of tablet owners read digital newspapers or magazines with nearly 10% doing so daily. There are no boundaries. The immediacy of the internet has also given readers unprecedented access to the behind the scenes of the fashion industry. “Before, fashion shows were a closed affair for only a handful of professionals around the world. Now the news is dispersed instantly. What we are creating is a platform in which Fashion is for everyone and not just a website to buy. Now Runway Magazine’s audience is capable of viewing, and experiencing the behind the scenes of a cover-shoot, how its made or the making of-and actually virtually live in the moment. Reading ebook s, magazines and newspapers on a tablet. It is an immersive experience and often much more satisfying than print. Today, comScore says that in August, two out of every five US tablet owners read a newspaper or magazine and one in 10 did so almost every day. With our advanced technology and software engineers, we have been able to build the brand to over a hundred employee’s / affiliates around the world. We are currently licensing the brand in all markets around the world, i.e.; Runway France, Runway South America, Runway Europe, Runway Italy and so on. In 2012 I was fortunate to come across a gentleman by the name of Ted defends, CEO of Wikipay. Him and his team offered The Runway Magazine Brand to go public. Although I did not say yes right away, We err now scheduled to be on the public market by August of 2013. All of us here at Runway Magazine are elated by the news. I must tell you , it was not easy. I have had accountants and attorneys at our head quarters for 9 months making sure we have dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s. With that being said the payoff is unprecedented. We now are able to accomplish my dreams of bringing fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, em and social media to a user/share friendly platform in hopes to revolutionize the industry. Remember Runway Magazine was the first fashion magazine seen digitally. I will never get rid of print. There is a romanticism to holding a physical magazine. Yet, you must ask yourself -If I were an advertiser, Would I want thousands of eyeballs on my ad or millions? Top that with being able to purchase while you read. The answer is obvious. Finally, I am building Runway Pedia. RP is like a Wikipedia but for Fashion. I do not just want to be known for beautiful images and editorial but also a real fashion resource. So we have been working on acquiring a database with bio’s from the beginning of time focusing on designers, photographers, brands, editors, models, and personalties. SPECTACULAR! YOU ARE A TRUE PIONEER ARNT YOU MR. BUCCELLI? I would love to someday be known as a fellow that gave back to the industry. At the bare minimum, I can say I helped save the earth by saving trees. We all know paper comes from trees..:) LASTLY, WHATS NEXT? My next project is Young Millionaire Magazine, Rich Kidz and the Young 90210 Brand. However, I am producing several films at the moment and one that is very special to me. The film is called: Fashion and Culture in Los Angeles Documentary In the heart of Los Angeles, fashion and culture is a lifestyle where imagination meets reality. We explore the world of fashion and designers such as Jeff Rudes of J-Brand Jeans, Sue Wong, Leon Max, Greg Alterman of Alternative Apparel and more. This vortex of creativity influences all of America and inspires the world. The fashion and cultural community is speaking out in the documentary film to reveal the higher level of communication between all of the multi-cultures from around the world who connect through the silent language of fashion and the voice of culture. "We live our fashion in L.A.". We journey through the fashion world during the recession to find that jobs are returning from China to Los Angeles, manufacturing and designing is increasing and Los Angeles is becoming one of the fashion hubs of the world. The "City of Angels" moves the world into the future to create and become sustainable together through fashion and culture. Included in the film is Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Apl of the Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Professor T.J. Walker from F.I.D.M, Lisa Love, editor West Coast Vogue and other voices of the community. The film is directed by filmmaker and photojournalist Catherine Bauknight, who also directed seven-time award winning documentary "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty". CEO/FOUNDER of Global Commodities Trade Firm is an investment management company specializing exclusively in commodities (energy, metals, grains & softs). Mission Our Mission is simple. Our contacts are unprecedented. We have BUYERS and SELLERS of Oil, diesel, Copper, Coal, Steel, Aluminum, Commercial Real Estate worldwide. Our Team and colleagues have traded hundreds of millions of dollars and Mt of trade. We are currently trading with China, Japan, Indonesia, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Korea, India to name a few. You need it sold - GCTF is your team. You need to buy - GCTF is your team Description Global Commodities BUYERS/SELLERS Global Commodities Trade Firm Ltd specializes in exclusively in commodities (energy, metals, grains & softs). Offers three investment products designed to complement a portfolio requiring strategic, tactical or thematic exposure in commodities. Why Invest in Commodities Every year we consume more commodities which have to be replaced. As a result, the drivers of commodity prices are different from those of financial assets. Factors that affect commodity prices are supply and demand. A commodity in short supply will be more expensive than in times of over supply. Supply disruptions are mainly attributed to adverse weather patterns and geopolitical tensions. The differing supply and demand drivers are the basis for the robust diversification that commodities provide in an investment portfolio. Strategy The Global Commodities strategy does not target market inefficiency; rather, it capitalises on how commodities are stored, transacted and valued. The investment strategy seeks to determine when there is an implied “storage yield” or an implied “storage cost”. The implied yield is compared to the risk free rate (the interest rate on short term bills) to determine when commodities are to be stored or sold. Investment capital is then allocated to the potentially higher yielding asset. Process Passive indices such as the GSCI and the CRB have fixed betas to the commodities they represent. For this reason they are exposed to all the price volatility that those commodities may experience. The Global Commodities strategy does not have fixed beta exposures to commodities. Commodity positions are established with a similar risk reward profile to that of a long synthetic call option, but without the time decay. Weightings Global Commodities Trade Firm Ltd offers investments with various weightings across the four main sectors of energies, metals, grains and agriculturals. The commodity portfolio weightings are designed to: Capitalize on economic growth and the subsequent demand for raw materials by investing in the energy and metals markets; • invest in the grain and agricultural sectors to hedge investors from food price increases due to adverse environmental cycles. Commodities included in each sector represent the benchmark for global pricing with highly liquid futures exchange-traded markets with negligible counterparty risk. Active Global Commodities Un-leveraged long only includes energy, metals, grains and softs sectors, incorporating a risk management overlay switching from commodities to fixed interest. Global Commodities Trade Firm Ltd Un-leveraged long only includes grains and softs sectors, incorporating the same risk management process as the AGC. CEO/FOUNDER of CELEB TV FILMS/CELEBRITY MAGAZINE TV is the premiere destination for up-to-the-minute entertainment news and celebrity inside information presented in a fun, irreverent tone. CELEBRITY MAGAZINE TV delivers breaking news, fashion, movie reviews, photos, video, FILM TRAILERS AND CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS.

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