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"So don't lose hope when you're forlorn, just keep your eyes upon the skies.." " De Tudo Ficaram Três Coisas " De tudo ficaram três coisas: A certeza de que estamos começando, A certeza de que é preciso continuar e A certeza de que podemos ser interrompidos antes de terminar Fazer da interrupção um caminho novo, Fazer da queda um passo de dança, Do medo uma escola, Do sonho uma ponte, Da procura um encontro, E assim terá valido a pena existir! Fernando Sabino I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I ask you to remember. Somewhere inside me there’ll always be the person I am tonight. F. Scott Fitzgerald Yesterday I floated on a white cloud, I know I made my parents very proud. From there I skipped to a shiny star In the universe very high and very far. I latched on to a dark thundercloud; Lightning flashing, thunder so loud. I followed the lightening across the sky, My display of fireworks, far and nigh. I landed on the highest mountaintop, Looked down at creeks flowing nonstop. Saw a majestic condor flying high above As swiftly and agile as a morning dove. I explored the deepest ocean floor, Rode gigantic waves onto the shore. I talked to all creatures big and small Those that swim and those that crawl. In my imagination I can do all things, I can fly everywhere without wings. Nothing is impossible in my imagination, In a life of bounds, my abiding consolation. - E. Schalm

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