Iris Kroneman


Good love will find me <3 The only dreams that really matter are the ones you have when youre awake Don't be affraid of the unknown embrace it. Don't be afraid to be yourself fuck what people think about you Quotes by : John O'Challagan “I wrote this song for a very specific reason, and that reason is that there are too many people out there in this world today who try to shit on everybody else his dreams. And that’s fucking bullshit. I’ve been there. I’ve had people try to shit on my dreams and I said ‘fuck you’. There was a time that I was like, “Yeah, you’re probably right. I might be fucking up. I might be making a wrong decision.” And I questioned myself for a long long time over a lot of different things and if there’s one thing that I’ve come to learn from being in this band and getting play shows in front of all of you amazing people it’s that if you do what you believe in and you live the way you wanna live, you will be the happiest person you can possibly be. And you motherfuckers are the people that prove it to me every night, so thank you for being that to me.” Speech by Alex Gaskarth @ melkweg 28 augustus ( therapy)

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