One is born alone, and one dies alone. Hence one should live also alone. This art of living alone is yoga. Life is the process of the flight of the ‘alone’ to the ‘Alone’. (Sri Krishnananda) "Real friends are shown in times of trouble - prosperity is full of friends" (Euripedes, Hecuba) "Amigos, só os dentes - ainda assim, mordem a língua" (e até os dentes se vão, um dia...) Do not always say: 'Destiny, destiny, destiny - my destiny has brought this upon me. I am quite helpless.' Exert. Exert. Do intense spiritual practise. Purify. Concentrate. Meditate. Do not give up hope. Do not bleat like a lamb. Roar the divine, invincible Name of the Lord. Assert boldly: 'I am the child of God.' (Sri Swami Sivananda) Every moment of life should be regarded as the last moment, as there is no knowing when this moment will come. When it is said that the last thought of a person should be God’s thought, we are impliedly admonished to remember God every day and every moment. (Sri Swami Krishnananda)

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