Mariah Tipton


boys im not ready2b a mom.if you play with the instruments you'l get music but the music isnt going2b blues it'l be a really sad song. im happy enough with myself i dont want any rugrats from you ,thanks for the offer but i think ill wait till marrige :P zackEffron on 17again "making love is made4 two ppl who love eachother very much and they take that love and make a baby" PrinceCharming doesnt pressure. juliet didnt love a cheater so your not the romeo(= ACHHO!! sorry im allergic to yo crap boyz. FALSEalarm!! i thought the love bug bite me...turns out you was only a flea. be nice to your bf cause i just broke up with him. ;) when i dont say a word and you know what i mean. GO GOD ITZ'YO BIRTHDAY! GO GOD WERE GONA PARTAAY like its'yo btday..! X-) I friggin LOVEYOU best friendz!~!~! RAWR!! thts i love you in dino babe <3

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