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"are any of yous good with stationary?" "hi im marc! i check the sound!!" "I'm sweating marmite buckets!" "sophie hadfield says becky is a pervert...only joking...james would do everyone...caitlin drake...or did i say cake? holly wolly effing brolly....cat sat on my hat done.bing." "Sometimes we'll look at each other and start laughing, because it'll be a wednesday, and we'll know what we'd ussually be doing on a wednesday night back home! but look, we're in Finchley!!! "here we areee!! This is iittttt!!!" "i dreamt i was a cleaner in a hotel and i found beyonce dead in the bath. it was really scary!" "Why is poignant so funny?" "I think its the O and the I" i love my stalkers, they buy me red stripe

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