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"Damn these buttery palms!" "It was all going well...till it went horribly horribly wrong..." "Did you just say the SS Crackwhore?" "I'm the Winston to your Neville" "It's rape...take pictures" Chris: "I pity you shoewearers, I pity you all!" Dave: "Chris I don't like this, I don't like this at all." Simon: "Thats what she said." On discussing the benefits of Wind power with Marky P. Mark: "It wouldn't work to put wind farms in London..." Me: "Why not?" Mark: "Because there isn't any wind in the south." Dave: "My minds awash with sex toys" "Oh bugger i've lost my..." "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" "Flip-flop" "oh..." Rebecca: "Are the Flemish the people that wear the grey hats?" Me: "What?? Grey hats?" Rebecca: "You know, the ones that don't like electricity..." Me: The Amish! Why do they wear grey hats?" Leeds Fest '08: Becky: Hannah...you're knickers are hanging out Gregg: All you need is a cinch belt and to put a fucking bow on it. Red Rave Tent Gang: You what! You what! NORTH WEST DOES IT BEST! NORTHERN Amy: I love you Coooliiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn! Amy Mac and the Binbags. Everyone: Meet you at the Burger Grille? Victory Beer anyone? You know what I want, I want cider. Now. Lets go. Come and Dance Wi' Me, Come and Dance Wi' Me, Come and Dance Wi' Me! W...W...W....Warrington, Warrington, Warrington Tony to Kate: "Have you started taking Valium yet? Or is it Marzipan?" Kate: "Marzipan?" Tony: "Yea...no wait...t'marzipan?" Kate: "Tomazapan" Tony: "Yea that's right T'Marzipan". Simon the Latin master: "Iuxta antiquam et aliarum gentium consuetudium" "The Just and Old Chav People ate Suet Pudding" Pictionary: Smoke!...Smoke hole?! Smoke Vent!! Smoke Vent! Smoke Vent? Smok..e.....Smoke plasma!! Smoke plasma? *ponders* Smoke...Smokeless Cat?! No? Umm...Smoke.......screeeen?

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