Miki Maneru


"never do to others what you cannot handle yourself" - my Dad __ "dont forget.. karakter is what makes you do and be KRUMP DOing and BEing. those are different things but you gotta have em. dance is doing and being" -Philip Pamintuan aka Murda aka Young Kaos ___ Kyle: your just like me in girl form..i swear Miki: I think i might be your female counterpart...that's hot Kyle:that's really hot __ Raymond: xD nothing to do? climb a tree! xD Miki: no no we have a typhoon coming Raymond:oh god! dont climb a tree xD __ Miki: You're fun to talk to. Alton: fun like poking a cheetah with a stick from 8 ft away? __ miki: AHH i had a donut for the first time in like...6 months Jordan: YEAH Jordan: DONUTS! Jordan: lol and not just cause Im a cop __ Miki: we're not meant to dance on tall boys unless they're sitting down Allyson Wang: word __ Jordan: Yea...but chivalry is dead lol miki: nah not entirely anyway, it's just in a horrible coma Jordan: And no one has gotten the fortitude to pull the plug yet? [Poor chivalry....its....not even like its any way to live... What with a tube in it's throat and a machine pumping air into it's lungs....someone should really get a pillow and.... __ Jordan explains Baseball: Did you know that baseball games last 9 innings? Nine.. And its not like Oh here, you go for one and I go for one No ITs WE both go for 1 inning Then do it again 9 times! ___ Jordan talks about girls: See something about a girl wearing my shirt seems sexy to me Cause...how did she get into it, you know? Why am I not wearing it? Was I wearing it earlier? __ Jordan translates Rap: Jordan King: Can an African American gentleman attempt to remain in contact with your personage? Jordan King: "cant a nigga just keep in touch" __ Hiren makes me feel better: lol so dont cut urself short PUN! lol lmao im fuckin crackin up XD cut yoruself short have to write that one down

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