Chrissy Tarentina


"The truth is painful. Deep down, nobody wants to hear it, especially when it hits close to home. Sometimes we tell the truth because the truth is all we have to give. Sometimes we tell the truth because we need to say it out loud to hear it for ourselves. And sometimes we tell the truth because we just can't help ourselves. Sometimes, we tell them because we owe them at least that much. This is the truth about the truth: It hurts. ...That's why we lie." "I respect myself. In fact, I have so much respect for myself that I have no respect left for others." "People don't leave because things are hard. They leave because it is no longer worth it." “Playing a game is like running and starting a business…” “It is their uninformed, unfocused preferences or prejudices, their likes or dislikes that too often determine the look of things. Yet, much of the time, they are not even discriminating enough to distinguish between good and bad, between trendy and original, nor can they always recognize talent or specialized skills.”

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