Beccy Sophia Andon-Swan


RICH 'am i leaning forward? am i actually? really?' Emily: never trust a man with money theyre deluded Duncan: presumably you're waiting for your vogue subscription to arrive in the post kate: 'i dunno, isn't he after your knickers?' laurs: 'waiter lady say whaaaaaaaaaat?' 'hello bar, hello..' - - - > Oli (Y) says: (01:12:00) Law 1978-Missuse of characters name act. When choosing characters within a Disney film one must keep to the same film and not change to another. For example changing from lion king too Aladdin. pete: 'i'm not assuming anything, i am knowing, i'm like a sexual gossip wikipedia.' Oli: ''boston. Went to florida. There she met a woman named Gloria. she loved to swim, and go to the gym.' Iesha: when someone says get your rat out what is the rat

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