Lisa Brook


live life, love all, stay true, keep strong, have faith, die happy!!! METAL FREAKS RULE!!!! m/ WIGGA FAKES SHOULD BE DROWNED AT BIRTH LOL!! LIKE LOOOOOOL ITS SO FUNNY SEEING WHITE FUCKERS PRETEND TO BE BLACK :D i like to catch up with friends, write dark poetry lol, read sci-fi erotica, listen to or write music, play pool, do stuff outdoors, and generally just enjoy myself... spazzo, rebellious, everything and anything! Intelligence and individualism gets brownie points! i play bbw on airg most the time lolz, <3 I LOVE MY KIDS ^_^ <3 I LOVE MY BESTIES ^_^ <3 I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND ^_^ <3 I LIKE SLEEPING TOO HAHA :D

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