Ashley Harrison


"well you do what you do and you pay for your sins and there's no such thing as what might have been that's a waste of time, drive you outta your mind" "not wavin at chaaa, just wanna kill yaa" "i was thinking we could have a sayonce and bring back .... my dog princess that died from an attack of bees" "i just watched sophie's hamster commit suicide..RIP dabrickashaw" "that's so..american" "do you ever not feel human?" "oh my good lord george..i mean, jesus" "RULE: if you burp, shoot elisa in the face" "whooo took the blanket from the drruuunnk girl.." "i'm not drunk..i'm just happy!!" "sometimes..i like food more than my parents" " i wonder what elisa's mom would sound when she cusses..probably like 'CAFE CON LECHE, FUCK?' " " JUST TAKE HIS HAND AND PUT IT DOWN YOUR PANTS ! " "education only lasts for a little while..but a bathroom, that lasts forever" "guys if we really need to buy some alcohol, i'm willing to show my right tit" "fuck the corporate world BIIIATTTCH" "i'm alive...and i can talkk" "KEEEPIN IT SLEEEEEZAAAAAAAY" "if the cops come we'll just be like well they're having sex over there...we were just watching"

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