Hana Holubar


Why be a prop in someone else's story when you can tell your own? " we never know how high we are, until we are called to rise, and then if we are true to plan our statures touch the skies. The heroism we recite would be a daily thing, did not our selves the cupids warp for fear to be a king." - Dickinson Hey Jude don't make it bad, make a sad song and make it better. Remember to let her into your heart, and then you can start to make it better. "Let it be, Let it be, Let it be, Let it be, Whisper words of wisdom, Let it be." - The Beatles "The burdens and the joys of this world are always better shared." "Not all who wander are aimless..." "If you might come to California.... i think you should." "Love to live, live to love."

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