Ofelia Garcia


h: why would any1 want 2 wear guitars on their vajajays gabi: WRINKLY BALLS, SOFTBALLS, MARINARA BALLS, GREEN BALLS, ALL THE TYPES OF BALLS YOU WANT. g: stop i dont know where ur hands have been b: in my ass dad: im gonna wear my shirt like this (belly shirt) and shave my stomach... m: why would anyone need padding if they were a 36c -i love this guy... he's everywhere -hard and cold like an iceburg -dude whats ur delio gabi: once my friend told me a story about a woman who lost her vagina me: how the hell could u lose ur vagina? gabi: idk but she said it was on news me: wow its like... excuse sir but i believe i have lost my vagina c: im the son of a child im a vagabond man

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