I’m 21 years old; I was born in Turin, Italy, and I still live there. Since I was a child, sleeping was difficult for me. Not because of Turin, actually; maybe because of my mother, who studied too much while I was inside her; or maybe just because of my own liveliness. The result was a little dynamo, whose ideas are usually too many to be realized wholly. And since I was a child I was enamoured by Beauty in every expression: fashion, painting, decor, photography…Art at large. It’s not accident that the only dolly “surviving” in my adult bed-room, the only one that I never undressed, nor left to my sisters, nor withdrew in cellar…this dolly is just my Barbie Aphroditis. I followed a classical education at school, so I came in contact with many aspects of Beauty, both in art and in literature. Then, at the University, I chose a scientific course: Chemistry and pharmaceutical Technologies. I daily face formulas and difficult calculations; it isn’t so immediate to find Beauty inside them, but understanding the finest mechanisms of Nature keeps on marveling me every day. I dream to devote myself, in the future, to study the properties of plants, in order to find new therapies to warrant health. In the meantime I try to nurture all the beautiful things that I had the good fortune to meet in my life: first of all my “quiet” family. Infact, two sisters came after me, now 18 and 16 years old, and a little brother, 9 years old (maybe I will introduce him to you). Living in a large family is a rich experience, even if sometimes you need some more quietness! Besides study and family, I devote myself to work: I’ve got a part-time job in a firm (natural beauty and health products) and sometimes I work as a model. In my free time I devote to my loved ones, to my friends, to sports and to my various passions, such as travels, photography and painting.

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