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"“I wonder why I never learned my lesson. It’s feelin’ like a second chance and this the first impression.” (Drake) ''So-What am i not s'pposed to have an opinion? Should i be quiet because i'm a woman? Call me a bitch cause i speak what's on my mind Guess it's easier for you to swallow if i sat and smiled When a female fires back suddenly target don't know how to act So he does what any little boy would do Makin' up a few false rumors or two That for sure is not a man to me Slanderin' names for popularity... ...Here's something I just can't understand If the guy have three girls then he's a man He can either give her some head, or sex her raw If the girl do the same, then she's a whore But the table's about to turn I'll bet my fame on it Cats take my ideas and put their name on it It's aight though, you can't hold me down I got to keep on movin' To all my girls with a man who be tryin to mack Do it right back to him and let that be that You need to let him know that his game is whack...'' (Christina Aguilera-Can't hold us down)

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