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Hi my name is grace, and i think im looking for something im not sure exsists. I am a female, currently living in south east of UK. I love fashion so much. i think its a amazing way to express yourself and how you feel. I absolutly love finding clothes no one else has, which are unusal, different and creative. I adore mixing and matching clothes. I love hunting in shops for bargains - but online shopping is probably my favourite. I oftenly find myself staring at my 'most wanted' clothing list, depressed that i will never be able to afford it all, and the worst part of it all is that i dont try and help myself to cut it down! I love websites like this, because i can see other peoples fashion senses and adapt mine from theirs. I cant get enough of shopping. Even if im skint i will find a way to buy something! My fashion changes due to my mood, or just generally what i fancy wearing. If im just going out with friends i'd normally put on levi shorts, with a tee with a green quilted jacket, white doctor martens or creepers. I have a very random taste! I guess i dont dress with what people would want me too wear.I love big baggy clothes, such as oversized hoodies, checkered shirts, oversized tees and jumpers.. I find it easier to shop for summer seasons, but i prefer winter clothes way more. I do not have facebook nor do i have Twitter. But i have tumblr, so if you want to know my URL just message me.. grace xx

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