When I look back and wonder how did I become so obsessed by styling myself and people around me, I realize that it all has started in my early childhood when I was crazy about Barbies! I adored dressing them up, sew new clothes and I could play with them for hours. I remember that my father would always kinda yell at me to go play out with other kids! Then I grew up and had this crazy addiction for fashion magazines. One day, one of our neighbors had a pile of various fashion editorials in front of her door ready to meet the trash and I knocked on her door and ask if I could take them and this somehow became our ritual. Once or twice a week, she would left a pile for me. But that was not it! As my mother was working in a great Parisian hotel, she would also bring home 2-3 magazines per day and it didn't matter if they were in Japanese or English, they were all my little treasures, kept in my closet and under my bed in beautiful boxes. When I turned 12, I became my sister's personal shopper, by the age of 14-15 my friends in school would ask me for fashion advices and I even took my fitness teacher for a shopping session! Today I create all kind of outfits to help women find their style, find some inspiration and I feel like an urge to share my vision with the whole world. I am no trend-setter, I just know how to make people and myself look better. ^^

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