Florence Redmore


"CHEESE GROMI SORT YOUR FUCKING LIFE OUT" "I LIKE SAUSAGE, DO YOU LIKE SAUSAGE, WE ALL LIKE SAUSAGE" "TAMPON PLUNGING?" "WHAT DO YOU WEAR UNDER THIS? NOTHING SAUCY" "would you like to dry your knickers..LEAH" "MAN DOWWWN" "JEZZA?" "why arent you dead yet?" "are you going to take some walking shoes?".. ZANTE... "she doesnt bend over without concent" "have a cheeky vom" Passport control..."is this photo you?" florence "no" "thats the only sausage your getting this holiday but you can have as much muffin as you want" "butter should be a staple in the diet" "you look like hitler" "i look like a torest" "Yes because all we need in our lives is a straw hat!" "nicole im closing the door" BANG!

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