Uwase Jasmin


A day without laughter is a day wasted. I'm cool, open mind, serious, i can be crazy but i know my limit. I never smoke or drink alcohol in my whole life...i try to avoid what i can...but i m not perfect. About me in FB: I'm not a flirt,i ain't lookin for NO LOVE i'm just here for my FRIENDS, so: _ If i accept u as a friend all i ask is RESPECT please!!! I don't tolerate (vulgar, rude, naughty,...) feedback, msg, pic....i'll delete it. I know RESPECT IS MUTUAL, i won't do it too. _ If one day i write u ( u look good, nice pic or....) doesn't mean i'm interested at u or like u?... NO NO is just a normal friendly compliment ( avoid arrears thought) if i'm truly interest at u i will let u know;). _Please avoid to call me "baby, honey,.." if u're not really close to me. _Avoid to ask me my phone number at the first msg that's really annoying maybe later if our friendship grow, it will come easily...don't force... It's always easy and cool when everything it's clear at the begining!!! I'm really sorry if u get me wrong but i have to warn u!!! It's a pleasure to have u as my adorable and lovely friend.

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