Fiona Gandy


24 hours in a day, 24 cans (buds) in a crate, coincidence, i think not Its just like a REALLY hard wank - Gareth describing button bashing techniques! I shall name you Squishy - Dory Well there's your fucking problem, too many EEEE! - Gareth after Rod's famous E incident 'OOOoo me bon! - pikey drunk man on police, camera, action I'd rather watch Planet Girth - Gareth AGAIN before Planet Earth Apart from the fact that there is rice boiling all the time, they ARE English - my oh so Conservative (and not at all racist) sister Yoink is legal - Coupe you pikey You could be Flumiere.....dont you mean Lumiere Abi - hungover discussion abouty Beauty and the Beast night out It is inconvenient....All we wanna do is bring him a chair from a skip - Rees and Coupe discussing Skip Chair He is tall...with brown hair......and a PURPLE PASHMINA! - Good cover up Rees Do you think it is harsh to sleep with him just to get my confidence back.......Nahhhh! - this shall remain nameless! I reckon this is the sound that was playing and how the people felt when Jesus was resurected - Rod at Prince Concert! Rees: Is that Heena? Me: Nooooo! Rees: Oopss, well you know (rubs hand around face), she’s asian and its dark!! (Hungover conversation eating ice cream in the Bay): Coupe: You can tell a werewolf by the fact they have hairy palms!! Me: Oh yeah Coupe, ignore the snout and snarling teeth, im purely suspicious he is a werewolf because of his hairy palms.. You are in France...ACT NONCHELENT!! (Coupe in Oceana) Rachieee..."Why has that girl got brown on her?" Me....Rach she is black!!!!!!!!!! Some favourites from Travelling: "I've lost the Chang" "The way to a mans heart is threw his Chang" "If you are not racist there is something wrong with you" "Kiiiiiiiimby" "Nooooo Open 24 HOUR" "Beni, Beni, Beeeni, Beeeeeeeeniiiiiiii!!" "Monareeeeeeesa!" "I prefer holidaymaker" "There is so much f*cking ethnic on this road" 'That's exactly what i want to do lots of no i mean no I mean I want to do lots of work then have lots of sex' ...Beni getting excited 'Pipe down girls im trying to have a crank in here' ...Toff the gentleman 'You can tell a good friend when they look for a Boogey' ...Me to Coupe on way to lectures 'My Poose is under control at the moment...thank you very much' - Beni Me- 'I'd make a good hippy' Coupe- 'You WOULD make a BRILLIANT hippy' 'I dont think i would like to get married if i was dying', 'why', 'Because then you would have to divorce the person when they died......imagine how bad you would feel', 'whaaaat, you dont divorce a corpse you muppet'....Coupe having a moment

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