Fie Røijen


I am a 21 year old girl who lives in Denmark. Currently I am working in a daycare - kids rock!!! When it comes to clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc. I'm a real girl - I love to go shopping and I love to look for new styles! My all time favorite thing to do is to hang out with my fiance - he is simply the best and we have tons of fun! I especially like to play golf with him though be beats me every time ;) Other than that I love skiing, playing soccer, spend time with my family - my biggest passion is to travel. I love to experience different cultures! I am a big time summer girl (except the times I get to go skiing in the winter) and my favorite outfits are definitely summer outfits! During the summer I usually go on vacation to an excotic place where I spend time on the beach, by the pool but best of all, I am with some people I love and we are having some amazing memorable experiences together! :)

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