Faye Edwards


"You remind me of a disney princess and I'm the animal sidekick" Mike. "I have jars of pickled willies" L-man "You are epically challenged" Owen RCH "There are three ninjas in this room. I am two of them." Mr. Leonard "You haven't said mangina in a while" Elliot to Jon S-Todd "She's going to make my trousers dirty, isn't she?" Sheridan "I tried to grow my nipple hair last night, but failed" Dom "Lol, Faye, you are a hero.. For your estranged attitude" Morgasm "Reclining forehead" Biollo "Maybe I'm an Anti-Slut Defence?" Mike "Some ppl are born with silver spoons in their mouths; we got feather dusters" Trebor "Who gave the pig a gun?" Sam "I am one long question" Chris(topholes) "If people change their clothes, I forget who they are" Mr. Leonard "Holy ****! How many sex toys do you have? Surely it's one per person?" Shame (the film). "I've come sooo close, but it just didn't happen. I came before the second one took her clothes off" Ash "Vaginal surgery = £1500 superb vagina = priceless" JAG "Your shoulder blade's in my vagina!!" Ippy Rape "A, CRAP, C, DEROGATORY, E, F, GRIND, HERPES.." Ippy Fun "I want a dickhand, it would make life so much easier.." Bable "Not even Einstein is cooler than you, and he came up with relativity, explained the photo electric effect, and showed how atoms must exist. And you are even better than that!" Austin "They should make schools of fat people so I can run around staring at them furiously masturbating into a sock" Bable "Induidably, pip pip" FELA "Your vagina restarted my thingy..." "I'm going to get one (tattoo) of your face on my ass so straight men can bum me and stay up for hours.. Sweet!" Bable "Home made fruit? I don't understand how.. It's against the rules of God. 'Thou shalt not make ones own fruit'" Jon "Money, jewels and sex with my mum. Yep. OK. And when do you want this by?" Rob "You are my saviour. I bow down before you." Lydia "Smile my beautiful Faye who is gay on a sunny day" Ellie Zoe lands on Mayfair. That's £1100. Zoe, "Err, how many ones have I got..? Not enough!" "Lemons are cheap. It came with a note saying 'there's plenty more where that came from! (tesco) from your secret admirer' and i can't think of any other girl who is as insane as you :P plus Jon said you left him a dog chew once, so you have a history lol." Morgasm "Lalala (that was the snow song btw. Tomorrow there will be snow.)" And there was! Well done Wellsy =D "Where's the snowbow?" Dad. Ha.

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