Faye Bonser


ARE YOU SAYING HE'S JUST A MINDLESS ROBOT?! Lee Morgan: The suns right there and it just tried to kill me!! Beth Wentworth: quick, drink your drink or we won't make it to the moon!! Christopher Morris: And since we recorded that report, everyone featured in it has lost their hair. Christopher Morris: Peter, next time you cross the road, don't bother looking. Dylan Moran: I don't do drugs. If I want a rush I just stand up when I'm not expecting it. Dylan Moran: I can't swim. I can't drive, either. I was going to learn to drive but then I thought, well, what if I crash into a lake? Dylan Moran: Its not easy being a man you know. I had to get dressed today… and there are other pressures. Dylan Moran: You exaggerate your own reactions. Peter Cook: I said Dolly, you've tested me in the past, we've been married 14years and there's a number of things, I was about to get into the Guiness World Records for the longest yardige of snot between one nostril and a wall and you let me down, and shall i tell you what i'm guna do now?! im guna get the Guiness World Records to recognise me as the number one 'cunt kicker in' in the world! and i spread her legs apart and i kicked her in the cunt for half a fuckin hour until i was exhasted and i said Dolly, will you get a polaroid of that and the cunt wouldn't even get up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A8lm3CHe4k i should have punched like paper or something -Alex Bol

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