Fatema Al-Ansare


“Indeed Allah the glorified has placed a reward for His obedience and punishment for disobedience of Him in order to drive His servants from the fire of Hell and to encourage them to Paradise. ” Imam Ali (as) “Take caution against the fleeing of blessing for not every runaway is returned” Imam Ali (as) Imam Ali (a.s) says : Grief is half of old age. قال الامام علي السجاد (ع): الحسود لا ينال شرفاً، والحقود يموت كمداً قال رسول الله (ص) للامام علي (ع): يا علي : الاسلام عريان ولباسه الحياء وزينته الوفاء ومروته العمل الصالح وعماده الورع . ولكل شيء أساس وأساس الاسلام حبنا أهل البيت. Imam Ali (a.s) says : Jealousy by a friend means defect in his love. "Do not crave to know the views of others, nor base your intent thereon. To think independently for yourself is a sign of fearlessness."-Mahatma Gandhi

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