Born in Florida, raised in Portugal and now I am in NYC studying fashion management and merchandising at Berkeley college. Music is my life, I like to travel alot to attend music festivals. Receantly Iv attended festivals in portugal and hungary, and I plan to attend others all around the world throughout my youth. Which should be completed once I finish my degree, Ill take a gap year and follow the summer music festivals around the world for about a year or so. I am starting to really get into photography aswell... I am actualy considering doing a degree in Photography once I finish my degree in fashion. I feel they both go hand in hand. A little more about me..: quirky, open, hyper, cherrful/bubbly, and wise.... Just ask if you want to know more.. I am a really open person, meeting new people is my specialty. :D I also have a little blog that i share with my sister! follow us!!!

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