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"You're friends with everyone but, you don't get close to no one." ~my closest friend told me this. "I gave up all thing that made me a good person to make me the person I am today." ~told me by a guy I use to be in luv with ..he was popular and smart but neva happy well except for now. LOL! ***incident at retchers*** "So wat band are u here to see?" me~"I'm here to see ***. *grin*" "chuckle then almost turned into a weird giggle" me~ " huh?" "Sorry, itz just that u said that so damn kewt when u just said the hardest core band here tonight. " me~ "Why thank you!" Katie: "is it an asian thing?" Brian: "yeah" Poopiez is icky but cookiez is tasty!!! yum <3 "I'm a hard rocker who don't show my knockers." "TITTY BAR!" "Don't go or I'll start bitching!!! BItch!" ""You're on the wrong FUCKING lane." ~me "Wow, that was the first time I heard Estelle use Fuck right." ~Vince *grin*~me

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