Erin Staley


"Luke, your going to learn that the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view." "Shinjite hoshii kono sekai ga usodemo/I want to believe even if this world is a lie" Honey-L'Arc~en~Ciel "No day but today." Another Day-Rent "No matter what you are dealing with, going from zero to one is always the hardest step." 雅-MIYAVI- "To say we take it for granted implies that we realize it exists at all. We don't." "Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die." "I think I used to have a voice, now I never make a sound/I just do what i've been told/I really don't want them to come around" Nine inch nails I believe in a secular government where all citizens are free to chose their own religion, and I believe Islam is a beautiful religion with the power to calm souls if practiced properly. I make no apologies for either.

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