Tara O'Connor


If you have friends like mine, raise your glasses. If you don't, raise your standards. What is THIS? A centre for ants!? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read...if they can't even fit inside the building!? I'm holding up a handwritten sign to you that says HELP ME. I am Katie Holmes and this office is Tom Cruise. "IT'S GREEN" "Fais Attention!" "You have a bf? Still want to impregnate you." "Call me a dirty boy or I'll give you a lapdance" "Oh you want a SHOCK treatment?" "What's a prime minister?" "Paris is in England right?" "Let me pick out my favourites...YOU!" *Points to me* - Gwen Stefani "If my make up smears all over you it's your fucking fault!"- Gwen Stefani "Some foreigner, opens your suitcase and STEALS your panties." "Do you like cake?" "My memory is like a locked box." "I'm not drunk I'm half asian.." "We have a lot of russians coming here recently..." "SMIDGE" "Do you need towels?" "TARA! I would've had that on camera if she got you." "Gypsies...GYPOS" "*POP* Ping Pong show!?" "Beautiful boy, handsome girl."

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