Emma Stephens


'Live everyday like you will die tomorrow, and dream like you will live forever! 'Shake and bake' 'it was cold everyone had guns and smelt like soup! 'You smell like a winner! 'Oh please you and i both know i'm a phenomenal dancer!' ' Sammy, Swanny, swanson oh here it is on the briefcase samsungite!' 'Will someone get my kid a happymeal' 'i'm Singing and i'm with my dad and it his birthday and i love you i love u i love yooooooooou.....' 'If you wanna be a big man in a small town fuck off to the model village...' 'Get that bird outta my face before i break it's neck' after my mini cooper rolled into a wall on the second day i got it. me: Dad my Courtesy car keeps beeping at me. Why? Dad: Well i guess it knows what you did to your last car! Think like a man, Look like a lady, work like a dog. My brother on drive by shooting: "I think it's great that you can f**k someone up and still be comfortable"

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