Emma Brady


'Mirror, Signal, Outmanoeuvre.' - Audi 'Be a lamp or a lifeboat or a ladder' - Chris Kenny 'And is the most romantic word in the English language' - Frank O'Connor 'If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep the score?' 'These divers are out of my league. They're so much better than me it's embarrassing. I'd come last in this event. Probably wouldn't qualify' - Rob Brydon on London 2012 'Now I see you lying there, like a lilo losing air' - Foals 'We fly balloons on this fuel called love' - Foals ''Looking at me with their eyes all sticky like honey on bees'' - Lady Gaga 'Everybody makes mistakes; that's why they put erasers on pencils.' - Lenny 'I could carve a better man out of a banana.' - Theodore Roosevelt 'A thousand butterflies from your lips to mine.' - Friendly Fires 'So go and pack your bags for the long haul, we're gonna lose ourselves.' - Friendly Fires "It's like a game of Jenga that's gotten out of hand." - Karl Pilkington on the Three Pyramids of Egypt "The queue for the bar's like a game of Tetris; you have to like slot in everywhere!" - Becky Alexander "My money's so tall my Barbie gotta climb it" - Nicki Minaj ''Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king.' - Anon Anything from Toy Story. "IIIII'mm Mrrrssssss.Nessssbitt" - Buzz Lightyear ''Ladies and Gentleman, can I please have your attention. I have just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. And I need all of you to stop what you are doing, and listen. .....CANNONBALL!!!'' - Ron Burgundy. ''I don't know how to say this but... Im kind of a big deal.''- Ron Burgundy ''The saftey word is peanut butter.'' - Lois Griffin ''Do these goggles make me look like a cottage?'' - Ed ''Warehouse Project: It's like where you go and dance in a car park'' - Lydia ''Winner, winner, chicken dinner.'' ''Sorry I can't do next week The Jonas Brothers are in town.'' - Hairy guy off of The Hangover ''Why are you peppering the steak? How do you know tigers like pepper?'' "Gorgeous does not put the 'ow' in shallow; people put the 'ow' in shallow" - Rives Just so you know, My weird mind wanders and my brave heart breaks, I've nailed some milestones but I make mistakes, 'Cos I've got more faults than a map of California earthquakes. I'm taking a nap beneath your covers. Wake me if you like me, Wake me if you want me, Wake me if you need another poem. Your once and future lover has made himself at home. - Rives If a tortoise loses its shell is it naked or homeless? ılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|­­­llılı

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