Emily Morse


I love me life queen/princess of skive OK! too much stress, wearin socks she floats / no splash dont flash / killlller 'What about Robie?' Robin who?! emma taking everything 2 far Greece: TINY TINY BIKE 'Do you do a sex on the beach?'.. 'Yes it is very close' eye rape!! calm your passions FALL Portugal: Bobbin Havin a bubble i really want to be a MILF when im older i feel like a body builder putting on this oil Get stuck in To the bar hot or not? Get offf OUR speaker sperm scar unreal, actually unreal my eye is crying! the bar man to emer 'are those all urs?' '2 sex on beach please'..'ok see u on the beach 5mins' shes so bold ok i'll be over in a minute...1hr later she appears smokes savage deadly locked langered "i just had an irish breakfast it was savage" "a WHAT?!..its a full english!!" "i just use curling thongs" "omg im getting an irish tang" "hahaha think u mean twang" "its the 40yr old HIDE" "i want to kiss ur boobs" said a FIVE YEAR OLD!!!! "look at him tensing as he walks" "rah-rah land" "the puppies are out" Prague: VOM stop doing a frances sexy beard 'say sweet banter'...'what does it mean i dont understand' down it chug chug chug did that man just grab his crotch at us?

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