Emily MacNichol


"There ain't no party like a Catholic party cause a Catholic party don't stop! Unngh!" -Fr. Bob "Crusaders, eh?" -Me, Maddie & Rachel -"Look, it's Billy Ray Cyrus!" -Emma (On what people would say if she tried to jump off a building with hair extensions "Hottie in a volvo!" - Me, Emma "I'm bringing steamy back. -Justin Timberlake/and/or/The Soup guy "Very nice" -Creepy Guy "Is he gay?!" -Rowan "Maybe he'll stay a player, then he'll get aids and die!" -Corri "Summer, your mom has soft cheeks!"- Ceyanne "See, Graehame, this is why we can't have nice things! -Alex "I saw that one coming" -Dad "He could put on a tunic and fit right in with the 13th century!" -Rowan "SHIT JUST GOT REAL." -Chris, during crew. . "So Stich is Swedish?!" -Noah "ur shitting me...the last time i heard someone say that i was in 6th grade and it was peter higgins.." -Maddie "Can I have some of yo pizza?" -Random kid on the street. "Everyone knows Bigfoot drives a Subaru Forrester, not a UFO. Those people need their meds adjusted"-My Dad. "just tell him to die in a painful way and then go to sleep. carry on as though nothing's happened" -Greg. "Can you touch a part of my body?"-Ghost Adventures... "She looks like a horse hardcore" -Greg "Clearly. I think we need to cut a bitch" -Greg "He's retarded. I've decided." -Zahri Zahri-"We could name her Twee" Me-"Lets not do that to her, she's already autistic..." ""NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU, BEEYYYOTCH" -Greg "He's not a person yet!" -Me "Oh my God, it does drag!!" -Maddie "Kevin, please, we ALL know where that missing finger went." -Logan "SERVES THE BITCH RIGHT." -Me ".....Sounds hot. Not. He sounds like a tard." -Madelyn <3 "You suck. Go inflate your lung" -Zahri "Oh man...you're like a pokemon master, but for stupid guys lol" -Matt -Zahri

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