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J.Lock - If you're right, you'll be right, whether you shout it or whisper it. P.Scott - I'm not looking for them to know War and Peace, just enough for them to be dangerous. The boy: I like controlled fun. J.Lock: You're my pedagogue?! Pet a dog more like. J.Lock: The wax on our duvet looks disgusting. Me: Yeah but we know it's candle wax J.Lock: DO I?! DO you?! DO weeeee?!?! J.Lock: Shit is gonna get turbo up in here when I get my buttery fingers on you. J.Lock: I think you'll be needing this *Welly* E.Jenkins: That's Butterly Ridiculous! A.Hughes: Actually it's Olive spread. J.Lock: Just wait for it. N.Sakutukwa: I might be a sexual deviant but I'm no pedophile. C.Bowker: I'm Chris Bowker, I'm no high pitched motherfucker. H.Wedgwood: Come here, it's arts and crafts time. R.Brand: Doesn't it make sense that we would stay here and have possibly the time of YOUR life. J.Hill: I'm like a 50's housewife right now, like my dreams don't count. P.Diddy: Where the fuck are you? Imma kill you. Smiley face. When thinking T.G is gone for good: The best stories look like they'll end in the middle - D. Paterson-Beadle 'I'm really not happy about this' - M.Foreman 'I miss you like an ex-jamboreer misses the jamboree' - M.Foreman

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