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I had a major life change, many in fact that all came upon me like an emotional tornado and completely uprooted my life at the age of 51 and now I need to rebuild it, heal, rely on my approved disability and spend my new found time to encourage and advocate for my son who is on the autistic spectrum. I need to dedicate myself to my son's situation and figure out a game plan that will assure our son to find his niche in life and give him the tools he needs to draw from within to be his best. I have learned how much my son means to me and I will be the first to admit my weaknesses but I also can teach myself to find it within himself to accept and embrace his uniqueness and start to believe in himself like my cross country coach in high school taught me. We both must move forward as I have in my own personal life. It is a testament to my parents that I learned to fight for what I feel is right for me. I have struggled with my gender identity since the age of 4 as I used to cry myself to sleep in a dress I fell in love with that I "borrowed" from my sister as a shy little 4 year old boy who knew in "her" heart, mind and soul "she" was a "girl". I always dreamed I would wake up magically transformed into a "girl" as I dreamed of mermaids and pretty things as I slept which are still vivid to me as a 52 year old who is now embarking on a journey to fulfill her destiny and become the "woman" she knew she was destined to be as a shy 4 year old boy who was born the wrong gender and truly was and is still that little 4 year old shy "girl" who is now blossoming into a beautiful, intelligent and confident "woman" who loves her son, her wife and her "female" life and loves to share it in her writings, her social media sites which are to numerous to list here. Just go to my About Me page if you are interested in reading my story where you will find my blogs, my Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and social media sites. My most favorite site without hesitation is Fashiolista for girls like me who love fashion, dresses and pretty clothes and who admire women of all kinds and respect them with love, endearment and a "young girl's admiration", especially beautiful models who taught me and inspired me to live my life as a woman too because that is the real me. I am Emily Denise Iannielli who was born with a beautiful name of Edward D. Iannielli III given to me lovingly by my parents whom I love and miss dearly and sadly never shared this with them. The truth though is although I love my birth name bestowed on me by my loving parents and in honor of my dad and grandpa all gone now does not fit my identified gender of female. My wife is coming around and my 14 year old autistic son is a little confused but accepts me and I always tell him I am and will always be his "dad" but a little prettier and my fashion style will be dresses. As selfish as that may seem you must realize that it is an absolute impossibility that 100 % of all born boys feel they are boys and that 100 % of all born girls feel they are girls. How could that be? If that was the case then that would defy our individuality and uniqueness. It is a mathematical and a psychological impossibility for this to occur throughout time. It is more common that most transgender individuals are born male and transition to become female like me, Emily. It is not uncommon however for some girls to feel they were born the wrong gender. I think it is about time we as trans women stand up for ourselves and let our voices be heard and teach an important lesson to society that it is not acceptable to treat those who identify differently in gender to their birth sex as "freaks of nature" any more. We are people with feelings and we have much to offer just like anyone else. I speak for both male to female and female to male because we all are one and the same and all we want is to live our lives with happiness, love, dedication, respect and equality just like the men and women as we too are people just like you and I am and always will be a "girl" who was born a "boy" and now is living "her" life as a "woman" and that is who I am. I am Emily. I am a woman, I studied mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech. I furthered my education at Hofstra with a "second" bachelors degree in accounting. I got my start at Nassau Community College (NCC) where I studied Engineering science and transferred my course work towards my Engineering degree at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia which sadly had the shooting tragedy many years later that claimed 33 lives including the gunman which rocked my world and made me very very sad because Virginia Tech is a wonderful school and is one of the best institutions of Higher Education and this is now what it is associated with. It is such a shame and it literally devastated my world that day of April 16, 2007. We all must move on just like we did for what happened on September 11, 2001 which scarred my son, just 3 years old at the time who saw it play out on two tv screens in the dentist office with his mother by his side. Sadly my son, who shortly before that tragedy was diagnosed with Autism and as a result of seeing that horror when the planes crashed into the towers lost his innocence and felt the world we live in is a bad place and he retreated into his own little world. A world where he loses himself and we can not penetrate that world which is one of the hardest things to cope with. Our son is in the psychiatric hospital now for almost a month as a result of an attempted suicide where he managed to get out of my site for a mere fifteen minutes as I was typing a letter to our mortgage company pleading with them not to foreclose on us and as I e-mailed it I went to check on my son and he was no where to be seen. Then within 3 minutes of my panicking I received a call from a young man, 22 years old who saw my son lying in the road and he pulled his car over, went to my son, picked him up and brought him to the curb where he comforted him and managed to talk to him and get my cell phone number which my son related to him. When I received his call I ran to him, a few blocks from our house and I saw him talking with my son, comforting him and I just gave the young man a great big hug with tears in my eyes and I told him he was a saint. He then told me what a sweet kid I have and asked me if I needed any further help to take him to the hospital and I just cried and told him he saved my son's life and I would take him to the psychiatric hospital but I asked him for his name and phone number so I could call his parents to tell them what a special young man they have and he smiled at me and said it wasn't necessary as that was his duty. I shook his hand and told him thank you as he wished me good luck and said you have a special little boy there, take good care of him. He needs you. I said Thank you once again and walked my son home waving good bye to that special young man and I drove my son to the hospital where he is still recovering. I see him just about every day and I am so grateful to that "kid" who saved my son's life. He is the very definition of good Samaritan. Love, Emily Denise Iannielli

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