Em Heyes


"I HEART SAUSAGE" "IT'S HUGE!!!" "Blow my Whistle, Bitch!" "This cheesecake is a delicate culinary juxtaposition betwixt creamy cheese, and crunch digestive" "I'm on a boat..." and every other Lonely Island quote "Esta es la vida que nos merecemos" - the first and best phrase I learnt in Colombia. Well, after the word for shots, obvis "No te preocupes" hahahaha HA! "Does anyone want this bastardisation of yellow?"!!! "Its good. It's good! It's GOOOOOOOOD!!" "I'd ruin you in that dorm" romance, eh? "FUCKING BUENO!" thanks to some anonimous irishmen in the Casa Viena hostal guest book for that one, now written on both mine and Emeli's Colombia t-shirts. The great and many sayings of Nicky "Two Bottles" Pritchard and Soar e.g. "Let's all remember that our arms come out of our shoulders, yeh?"

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