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"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."- Katharine Hepburn "There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who lets herself shine."- Frederick Fekakki "She believed she could, so she did" "In the end I left everything and everyone but no one, no one has ever left me..."-Dito Montiel * dialogue from "La Vie En Rose" between Edith and la journaliste* Journaliste:"Si vous donniez un conseil a une femme, quel serait-il?" Edith: "Aimez" Journaliste:"A une jeune fille?" Edith: "Aimez" Journaliste: "A un enfant?" Edith: "Aimez" "I think this boy's cheese has done slid off his cracker." -Bill Dodge in The Green Mile "Writers see behind the surface. They create. You don't need to cry or beat things or sit and feel sorry for yourself. Just beat the shit out of your misery with your writing." "When shit gets you down, just say 'fuck it', and eat yourself some motherfucking candy." -Paul Sedaris, as he presents his father with a bucket of candy after his home is damaged in a hurricane "L'amitie multiplie les joies et diivse les peines."- Francis Bacon "Men in New York are disgusting. Just vile. All they want is some tang!" -Lee Daniels "Look, I'm sorry, Bubbles. Sometimes life just gets all scrambled like a fucking pan of eggs. You mean more to me than dope." -Ricky from "Trailer Park Boys" "If I can't smoke and swear, I'm fucked." -Ricky from "Trailer Park Boys" "Can't sleep with the man who dims my shine." - Lady Gaga "Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem. Baby girl, respect is just a minimum."- Lauryn Hill

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