Elli Brooks-Aston


'i cant spell in the dark, penis mustard in the eyes!' 'AM NOT GUNNA GET DRUNK FROM FINGER DIPPIN!' 'GAVINA' 'ONCE YOU GO GINGE YOU WONT CHANGE YOUR MINGE!' '...milk rolls diiiirty...' 'i was just chasin the lights...with my fist goin round. if he happened to run into my fists, it was his fault. 'MANZZZZZZIIIIIIILLLLLLAAAAAAAAA!' ...queer lil kitty...=^__^= 'Incest and anal fisting!' Which came originaly from 'incence n pyjamas'...don't ask... SPANK IT! 'I DON'T EVEN SAY TOMATO'...eh hem, cari lol. 'shurrup ur mum! i shit on ur mum right in her face she ate that shit' MELON!!! 'witty?? i dont recall many of them being witty. funny, yes. disgustin, most definately....' BANANAS THE NEW VAGINA, DONT U KNOW!? 'Harry...pull my finger... ¬_¬ ' Get on the floor, u mother-stickers...this is a fuck up!! 'Should I COCK all of these?!' Come on, u melon! get that flippin safe open, u sponge!!! YOU TOLD!!! 'am like ayyyyyye! and ur like wheyyyy! and jess is like...wot?' 'Shuuuuruuup yo!' (Martin, eh hem!) 'Dayyyyuuuuuum! Sexy jayyyyum!' 'who gave me an asda hole with a bag in it?' DRINK YOUR OWN PISS! 'i shit a pound!' 'awh...dirty bitch, am eatin a nutrigrain bar.' Sandwiches are for winners Chris!' 'Im in bras, are you in bras? Why arent you in bras?...i thought youd be in bras...' 'This is Barb...' 'Id be naughty if my face was in peoples crotches all the time!' 'I weighed 2lbs....' '...50p...' 'Why arent i going anywhere?' *Repeatedly rams trolley into bollard* 'DIP ME! I SAID DIP MEEEE!' iv gorra stick for a gun, who am i gonna hurt!?! ...or, as it later became, iv gotta gun for a stick... 14 STONE IN A DAY!!! kick em whilst theyr down, jim!! smacked off his tits!! VAGINA!!! this tastes like shit...u want it?? "ow, i knee-ed my head", "y, where is it?" did they have chinese people in the olden days?? is spain in the uk?? gremlin, u got my corner??? <3 jimminyjoebibbilybobarsedtorepeatpoopyparpy... hot-diggidy-doo-dah-doggy-woggy... <3 "where r u from, girls?" "NOT BAD!!" SUPER STUMP!!!!! <3 Thankies to CaRi and Jess for the majority of the above XD <3

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