Eleanor De Rusett


guys do you ever find that you rub yourself subconsciously? - harriet SCRUNGE - me £49.99 and flossie will have sex with you - the pimp Embrace your inner geek - Mr J-v Katrina - i hate kids Me - what? why? Katrina - i dont think i was ever made for mother material PAUSE ............................ Katrina - I think im going to be an ilf steph- i wish i had a penis it would be really fun just to rub it against people! im vain deal with it - charles hooper one of my taste buds is burning!!! - steph Nicole doing some shitty dance move with her bum Maddy - Nicole your asian not african! Maddie - for a margaritta pizza theres not much margaritta on it! Hairy - err dont you mean mozzarella! Maz - my friend ate a yellow spider once Katrina - A YELLOW SPIDER why the fuck would anyone eat a yellow spider ....... pause...... Maz - he had downs me and flossie to lauralei - How dya do in the french oral Lauralei - shit .......i said je mange paris

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